The Truck Driver’s Choice.


I stood in the road staring beyond the tombstones and past the broken cage link fence. Sonho Cemetery is the name of the cemetery and just beyond it, on the other side of the cage link fence, sits a small collection of aging RVs. I’ve been here before, I can’t quite remember when but I have definitely been here before, multiple times at that.

In the middle of the small trailer park (if you can call it that) sits an obese woman, it’s hard to tell how old she is. The woman is wearing a moo-moo and its coloring reminds me of parrots. She is sitting in a lawn chair, the old kind with vinyl straps and appears to be staring directly at the sun. The woman is so completely still that I wonder if she could actually be dead.

Before I decide rather or not it’s a good idea to further investigate, something strange catches my eye…

[Staii tuned to hear the whole story on Friday Oct. 6, 2017.]