The Creature Clinic.


wp-image-912869357Do you think this will save you?


Who’s to say?

Certainly not you.


There is death in your lineage.


And out on the edge of the city

The “L” of the forest hides a secret

Hidden amongst

The aspens and pines;

A facility,

Beige and brown,

Concrete and cold.

And inside

A mutated rainbow

Of species and gene

A nod to Dr. Moreau.


Unassociated and unparalleled

By anything in or of

Natural history.


And their in the midst of them

The middle aged woman

With those Marty Feldman eyes.

Caretaker and custodian

Of the creatures that sit

On the proverbial fence.


Encasing the building

Are 9 bronze statues

Of 9 children

In an eternal

Distilled state

Of “Ring-Around-The-Rosie.”

Circle upon circle;

The holy donut of the unknowable universe.